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to be president, mitt romney. with the evangelicals deciding to legislate on morals, on contraception and with the tea party saying we are going to impose small government austerity on the rest of the country. all three collapsed in this election in 2012. they have to decide which is strong enough to survive. my personal theory is that the business wing was always the strongest and will be the surviving wing and you can hear that in this talk about loosening up on immigration. they want looser immigration rules. they are the with unthat is going to try to assert themselves. that's cross purposes with the tea party wing that is dead set against immigration. >> don't trust the good will of the business community. by the way, the lay unions ought to be jump out there organizing everybody comes in legal or not. the business community doesn't want real immigration. they don't want work permits. they want to get them in here as fast as they can and as cheap as they can. let me go to john with history. you and i remember about 1988, the democrats had won a race. this is a race. the key thing
with the media and mitt romney 47 beset and barack obama. what was the media coverage like? >> this morning i just ran 47%. how much media outlets and what is the shelf life? it was relatively short. romney 47% but it has been about one month. but they are dragged back and by the opponent or by the events. i'm sure as we cannot of the debates somebody blows say i wonder if he will respond? the issue is which of these gaffe we need to pay attention? is that the true character flaw? we all make mistakes. but now with the internet and youtube now is distributed broadly and more quickly end to find out what barack obama said 1998. or what mitt romney said there was knocked one bit of coverage of the 47% in may. nobody told the story to the media. not until the video popped up. >> >> host: what politicians have they made in the past fettered fatal? >> we risk harry standing at for the republican nominee that will cut it to the use ways then he cannot remember. you say he is not ready for prime time. he has affected us here was elizabeth dole that came here to speak. so in the speech was aimed at t
. as a romney were to win as opposed to the president reelected, some dealers waiting for him after he gets into office. >> no. no, i'm not. and, you know, i wrote a story for the new york times magazine when governor romney, specifically on his time as governor that appeared about three weeks ago. and, you know, the way the piece includes is by -- i interviewed a number of people, particularly the more conservative house republicans. there licking their chops. they believe that this will be a great moment for them if mitt romney wins. a moment for them the legislate very aggressively the conservative agenda. my question to several of them was, but what if that is not so? what if governor romney, president of electronic decides that that is not how he wishes to govern and will govern more in his motion when he was governor of massachusetts and the uniformly said there would be disappointed. and one of the stars of the two-party freshman class is featured in my bug said there will be an insurrection. really boisterous. you have seen nothing yet. president romney does not behave like the cons
was more positive at 29% during the last week of campaigning before election day. coverage of mitt romney on the other hand, mostly negative, 33% that same week. so, should this be a big thank you to the media for his reelection? >> no, i mean, i think he would have lost the election because of their get out the vote things as well. >> you're talking about romney. >> that's right, but if you look at the media's coverage and the pew people have said that they thought it was that reporters were paying attention to the polls. well, you know what? reporters unless they're reporting on a poll should not be paying attention to polls he when they write their story and be aware of any unconscious bias. >> jon: somehow, i suspect, jim, you're not surprised by the numbers from pew. >> no i'm not and i've cited before evan thomas saying it could be 15 points in an election and amended that to say 5 points. even 5 points covers a potential romney victory, however, i must say that the romney post election period has been kind of a tailspin for him, not just the comments about gifts and so on, but the
. >> it appears to me that 3 million fewer votes were cast for mitt romney than for john mccain, it tells the party is splintered, it doesn't know if it's down ride conservative or the middle establishment or we really, they really need to find this, and remember this, that the tea party was born april 15th, 2009 on the heels of taxed enough already. every time you would talk to a tea party representative or person, any one of the groups and ask them, taxes, i get. what about social issues, what about contraceptive. they didn't want it talk about it. they want toed to talk about the social issues and somehow the democrats attached the social issues to the tea party. >> and bob, you have familiarity with that. >> what the heck. >> not obviously republican and democrats have shared losses over time and it's normal, right, for a party to go through a little self-examination and figure out where they're doing. >> and the impression-- i think one of the-- one lesson the republicans had on a serious note you have to do more than run against somebody. the focus of that campaign and the republica
into account in judging between incumbent barack obama and his challenger mitt romney. that is the jinx of the second term on many presidents. only seven of 19 presidents elective to a second term avoided having a troubled or failed second term. that would give the country about a 38% chance of obama and the nation experiencing an improved security and economic climate after four years if obama is reelected. i do not suggest the gamble should not be taken. simply that history interplay in with politics might give us pause. what does history predict about a second term for barack obama? were he reelected with so few presidents having success at that time in office? what are the challenges that face those who had troubled or failed second terms? what allowed others to succeed? can barack obama overcome these challengess if he is reelected to become a member of that select group of presidents that waded through the quagmire of a second term and somehow came through relatively unscathed? success in a second term does not imply there were not failures or significant stumbles. some even sever
when governor romney and the presidents of candid mentioned the binders of women that he received on his desk to help him populate his cabinet. i started thinking about what that binder of women symbolized. it was as though governor romney had to go out and go on a hunt to find women who were these exotic creatures, hiding out in places where there were not really obvious. and in some ways i actually felt his pain in some ways. , because when i started writing about the housing market i found that there was very little conversation about the impact that this was having on women. and it was as though women were invisible in this conversation. we talked about it in terms of neighborhoods. we talked about it in terms of people of color, but we have not really started talking about it in terms of women. and there were a lot of numbers that supported a conversation that was specifically about how sub prime lending and the housing market in particular was relevant to women's experience. i can give you some of those numbers. but what i found was that when we started -- when i started act
a mitt romney . >> esa declaracion fue terrible >>e ste es el legado de calderon >> donde sea que paso sejo violencia y muerte >> entre 0 y 7 años es lo mejor para quien los niños sean bilingues >> durante horas un hombre desnudo en londres causo disturbios. >> ♪. la policía federal mexicana atrapo a uno de los delincuentes más buscados por el fbi es buscado por violación vandalismos drogas. >> y la violencia cada vez es mayor en méxico y el panorama ante las mujeres va en peor. en el 2010 hubo más de 9000 femicidios donde en méxico 6 mujeres mueren al día. >> gretel rodriguez casi murió por ser ataca por el novio producto de celos. >> me tomo me corto el cuello el abdomen y se fue. >> a pesar de que en un principio fue culpado de cuasi homicidio y robo con violencia pero cambiaron la sentencia. >> cuándo fui a pedir una respuesta me dijeron que yo no tenía nada y que acaso no me daba pena el. >> el secretario general de la onu comenta que gran parte de las mujeres en méxico ha sufrido algún tipo de violencia y no se hace mucho por ellas. >> y en venezuela hay una nueva
this engine and the economy pumping again. neil: do you think, and this i mentioned by mitt romney lot. you know that you are going to do things differently? dubai that? >> everybody talks about reducing taxes because they want more capital to grow their business. but it's also regulations. businesses are confronted at the township and city level. >> here in chicago, you need 161 licenses to open up the business. >> if you open up a job shop, you have to have a license to give them a bath. it's ridiculous. why can't we consolidate some of these things and reduce the reauacy? it isn't about the people collecting anything but a paycheck. neil: they mt realize that the more they push this, the more it it endangers the economy and theirery jobs are online. >> you would think so, when you? there is a lot of evidence that says those people inside the beltway are living in a bubble. washington dc is the only city in the united states that has had taken continuousgrowthh >> what about when gas comes down? >> you have a gas situation where you have $4000 and thei wages have only gone up about 1%. wa
has not been supportive of israel. some people thought since benjamin netanyahu was a little pro-romney it seemed during the campaign there might be some bad blood there. but i think it has to be said over the last uple of weeks, the obama administration has been extremely supportive of israel. that's one thing. and the second thing they've done is work with the new egyptian government and that was not necessarily a done deal, either. so they've given us this cease-fire. and so we had a pretty, you know, serious military exchange. but the american-egyptian relationship was not frayed. the american-israeli relationship was not frayed. and importantly, the israeli-egyptian relationship, while frayed, is still functioning. so i think they've done a reasonably good job of stabilizing things. now, morsi has taken this opportunity to create a bit of a constitutional crisis there, and there we're going to have to stick to our guns and be the pro-reform force evening for somebody who is trying to usurp power. >> brown: does it suggest that president obama might have to spend more capital and ti
for after the election. after the election, if romney was elected, he would have republican senate to go along with the house. they would pass the ryan plan, taking corporate and individual taxes to a 25% top rate, and having a territorial tax system rather than a worldwide tax system. on the spending side, do the ryan plan -- have entitlement reform, the means tested programs would be block granted. and the medicare would be premium support. this would drop from obama's spending plans about $6 trillion over the next decade. puts you on track towards a balanced budget. that is still the republican plan for when they have the house and senate and the presidency, but they did not get the white house or the senate in this election. that option moves off until you have a different president and senate. now we have a divided government. republican house, obama reelected, and a democrat majority in the senate enough republican votes to have -- to filibuster. we got the status quo. obama sometimes talks as if the status quo he got was the 2008 one. he won by several points against a war hero an
that is available. same example -- information that shows up. anybody here in the table mitt romney, his father when he came here from mexico. he got that exact kind of government aid and he turned out to be president of one of the nation's biggest autocompanis and became governor of the state of the michigan. >> my dear friend rick unger has to be brought up to date. he didn't get them. it is supplement security income and that is it free money from the government. this is in addition to medicaid and to food stamps it is a $1,000 a month you get. it is it a lot of new stuff. this by the way was started under richard nixon and meant for blind and handicapped people. and i have to be kind to my friend rick since he beat me out of a starbucks coffee. but that said, we have become dependent on government. $3900 20 years ago was the average entitlement spending per person and adjusted for inflation that is it 70 percent increase. we have become a nation dependent on government hand outs and how can we not expect immigrants from saying i want mine, too. >> it is insulting to taxpayers and immigrants who
kept him from being associated with the ultimately losing and now politically toxic mitt romney campaign, all of that means that jon huntsman is alive and well in american politics. jon huntsman is available to be a potential leader in the future republican party. and whether or not you like the republican party, frankly, that party having somebody available for a leadership role, who has been a successful governor and a successful ambassador to china, who has a constructive mutually respectful relationship with president obama, who was willing to put country first enough to work for president obama, even though he is a republican, a guy who believes in science and isn't embarrassed about it, to have that guy survive in republican politics this year in 2012, while mitt romney disappears forever. i mean, hearing jim messina admit now how highly president obama thinks of jon huntsman, and how much he was worried about him as an opponent is a remainder to be thankful for jon huntsman. and frankly, hopeful that he keeps his hat in the ring in his own party. and thankful today, too,
romney said in a primary that if you can delegate stuff like fema from the federal government to the states or to the private sector, that is better. and then sandy hit, and everybody said, in an emergency, having federal coordination is good. having basic federal rules that tell everyone how to behave in a crisis, that is good. we have delegated to the private sector all of our emergency response for our cellular networks, for these new internet protocol based networks, like cable phone service, like vonage. when it comes to the old copper network, we know all about that. we have crews on call, it is self powered. reliability was built into that from day one. that is why new yorkers were scrambling for pay phones. they could not get their cellular cable service to work. we do not need to take old rules and put them on top of these networks. we do need to have the federal government and state government take a look at what happened and figure out what the ground rules are. what are the things you want to have in place before an emergency hits, and what are the things that you
a mitt romney . >> pensé que la explicación fue una declaración repugnante, creo que ningún segmento estima nada grande . >> hernandez dice que este es el legado del presidente felipe calderón . >> dónde quiera que pasó dejo muerte, huerfanos >> ¿es mejor que los hijos sean bilingües? todo al punto . >> el domingo a las 10 de la mañana este y 9 si viven en el centro del país . >> en instantes no todas las tiendas tuvieron buenas ventas, además decomizan cocaína (♪) . >> los daños dejados por el paso de la súper tormenta en nueva jersey fueron estimados en más de 29 mil millones de dólares, la cifra fue entregado después de un analisis del gobierno chris, aún permanecen sin energía más de 30 mil personas, eso explica por qué a pesar del entusiasmo en todo el país no todos las tiendas tuvieron ventas, la destrucción arrasó también con cualquier posibilidad de ganancias, pedro nos muestra cómo el viernes negro fue triste para muchos empresarios que lo perdieron todo . >> en un viernes negro tradiciona, nestor hubieraabierto su negocio temprano, pero nada es norm
after mitt romney's defeat, the gop is already looking forward to 2016. say it ain't so and there's another bush on the horizon. plus, we're following news of a massive gas explosion in massachusetts. take a look. we'll have details just ahead. >> hi. >> you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> announcer: we all love a good deal during the holidays, especially identity thieves. they can open an account in your name and go on a serious spending spree. >> do you have cufflinks? >> mm-hmm. >> gold ones? >> announcer: not on our watch. we're lifelock, with the most comprehensive identity theft protection you can buy. go to or call 1-800-lifelock today. [whoosh] lifelock-- relentlessly protecting your identity. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. hurry in this saturday and sunday for great deals. like the lucid by
forget the moment in the debate when it sounded like mr. romney was suggested that gun violence is directly caused by single parents. >> oh, yeah. when he said that, it was really interesting. i thought about columbine where you had these kids who actually had parents who both of the parents were in the home. presumably, they were the typical and healthy, quote, unquote, american family. so, yeah, this idea that the only families that can produce healthy children are those that have a mother and a father is really problematic. we have defied that over time we have had single mothers raising wonderful children. a study came out recently showing children of lesbians or gay couples are just as healthy if not more resilient than children from other families. >> there is a pretty substantial proportion. of same-sex parents, a 2010 study, about a quarter of same-sex women couples are raising kids. about 11% of male couples are raising children. >> we can have whatever emotions we want to have about it. these are the new demographic realities that we face. >> lesbian couples of color a
romney win, he was not exactly right on that one, gregg. >> gregg: that's true. >> so, most polling is going to show that americans are in favor of the bush tax cuts. >> gregg: trei, two-thirds of those, and want tax hikes and spending cuts to reduce the deficit. and one fourth want spending cuts only. 68%. there are the numbers on your screen. doesn't that number, 68%, mean that it's politically perilous for your party, republicans, to oppose raising taxes on the top 2 or 3%? >> well, no, they -- it's got to be part of the equation and i think that speaker boehner made that clear, but gregg, let me first start by saying i happen to care very much about the 43% inpoll, but it doesn't erase -- it doesn't erase the fact that a majority of them do not pay taxes and it also doesn't erase the fact that most people support tax increases on other people as opposed to themselves, but i think the american people are a little tired of polls. the election is over, talking points should be over, and it requires compromise to solve problems in this town, something that's been lacking for years.
today because a lot of jobs are counting on it. in just a few weeks after mitt romney's defeat, the gop is already looking forward to 2016. say it ain't so and there's another bush on the horizon. plus, we're following news of a massive gas explosion in massachusetts. take a look. we'll have details just ahead. 1, there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save on your monthly prescription. [ male announcer ] dosing and application sites between these products differ. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or, signs in a woman which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with breast cancer or who have or might have prostate cancer, and wo
of the romney administration as secretary of economic development, understand the boston is doing tremendously well economically but if we want to turn around the pioneer valley or southeastern massachusetts, we had to turn around springfield and bedford and in order to do that it wasn't putting down a single court house. that wasn't going to fix it. wasn't going to be building a new wall convention center that had its back to the city. the only way you could transform a city is with a strategy that builds on the city's assets, that tightly we've people together around our educational assets, our human assets, our community based organizations, our old industrial assets, the new skills that are sitting off of them and until you knit those pieces together and can find the new narrative lines that come out of that, that this is a province and small river example, the old jewelry business, those little fine skills of making costumed jewelry are phenomenal skills for medical devices, same little set of talents and molding and work. there are all sorts of talents hidden that we can build on. when y
presidential campaign the republican nominee, mitt romney, accused president obama of throwing israel under the bus. >> well, let's look at the facts. israel is not under the bus. the fact is that president obama, and we shall not forget it, helped us to find us those missiles. and security -- we asked them. they responded positively. and is the president of the united states. we enjoy the support of the two parties. and it is -- and i don't want to say anything against candidate romney any time. but we are not taking parts in the american campaign. and we are lucky to have the support of the two parties. and until -- it's hard to become the president of the united states. and i met all the presidents for the last 50 years, republicans and democrats. i must say, most of them are exceedingly friendly. exceedingly. >> so what about you? you're getting close to 90 years old. that's hard to believe. you look so great. how do you feel? >> i feel that i am too young to do the job. what can i tell you? >> because you still have some energy left. >> i think that everybody can be like me. and i thin
years anyway. when you heard during the campaign mitt romney promise 12 million new jobs, you heard obama say we're going to have 12 million new jobs anyway these next four years, just based on where we are right now. without even additional stimulus or additional x factors that would goose the economy. pete: we always talk about new cabinet secretaries. would it change -- a change at the treasury department make much difference? >> everybody expects tim geithner to step down and he's been there four years and pretty exhausting. the leading candidate seems to be jack lou, white house chief of staff. and good relationship with the president right now. good relationship mostly on the hill. and so he would have credibility there. but i don't know how much the personnel matters. pete: molly, can congress make much of a difference here in improving the economy other than fix being the fiscal cliff problem? >> i mean, part of what jim seems to be saying is that the economy is on not exactly a glide path but sort of already stumbling its way toward what needs to happen. and i always felt c
? president obama in the third debate with mitt romney promising to sequester those across the board cuts to spending to kick in january 1st will not happen. and to avoid the fiscal cliff, sequestration is on the table, and some think-- and okay, james, so, 500 billion dollars in defense already built in to cut. then sequester would cut another 500 billion over ten years, and why should republicans go along with that? >> because, this is really their only leverage on president obama, and i think that as congressman jordan has said, the only thing worse than a defense cut is no cut at all. what you get with the sequester is defense, but also cuts in the social-- >> another 500 billion dollars in domestic discretionary, too. >> right, and it adds up to about 100 billion in 2013. i think you will find that president obama will go a long way to avoid those roughly 44 billion in cuts this year, to social programs and i think if you want to get a deal out of him with meaningful reform on spending or tacks, this is, this is the key leverage point and if it happens, it happens. >> and you get som
. the romney transition team has been working on this for months and i am sure they are ready for it. the obama administration is ready to fill vacancies. this will have rebels all the way down the hierarchy. what i would like to discuss tonight is how we got from where we are, the politics of patronage, the challenges of recruiting political appointees , how the system results in major delays and managerial destructions and how it undermines presidential leadership and good management. and finally, possible remedies for reforming the system. why do we get mad at government incompetence? because we expect a competent and effective bureaucracy. you create bureaucracies that hire competent workers that bring specialization, expertise, accountability, and continuity. there is no alternative in large-scale systems to organize great amounts of people to accomplish a goal or mission. this is not the way the united states began. it took about a century to figure it out and half a century to implement. the spoils system of the nineteenth century, there has been a constant tension between partisan contr
deductions, basically what mitt romney was proposing, which made a lot of sense, i think for most folks, get this done, and, then, say, all right, now what will you do? you will still be left, if you roll all of that up, you are still going to be left with a huge hole called the deficit and it will have to mean cutting the federal budget. >> so, even if we increase the tax rates, as you noted, by the way, the top 1% in this country makes 17% of the income, and pay 37% of the taxes. i mean, so, the fair share argument really isn't -- >> up against a hard out here, and i'm going to ask you to give us your last thought here. >> mr. president, please, please, work with the business community. we want you to succeed. but, you are putting impediments in our way that make it impossible. we want you to succeed, we want to succeed. work with us. please work with us. >> andy puzder, thanks for being with us. european nations on the wrong side of the fiscal cliff but the president says america can steer clear. >> president barack obama: i believe it is solvable and my budget, frankly does it and i don'
-made as a generous concept so you can have an affluent dad like bill gates does for mitt romney does that still some of yourself as self-made because you make your own business. he didn't inherit the business that made your multimillionaire and that is important with how they think of themselves in the world. it is important for these guys to be really numerous. one of the things i found really interesting and quite international is this is the age of mastery of numbers. my favorite example of this, seems to make sense when you think of silicon valley guys or the wall street guys, i bet you if you in your mind's ira imagining the russian oligarchs you think some fancy italian suit with a mall on one side and guys with guns on the other side and this is true, but also probably has a ph.d. in math or physics. this is true also of the chinese, the indians, also a really global -- this is another key characteristic in something quite different from previous the leads, that because the capital flows are global, and they are living really global lives. one of them said to me we are people who no flight at
, governor romney, got to the right of newt gingrich and to the right of governor perry on immigration because he didn't want to consider reasonable approaches and the earned legalization and dealing with 12 million people who are here right now, putting those people on a path to citizenship, people who haven't violated, haven't committed a felly who have had jobs and family here, that's what you have to address first and then you can address the other little pieces, but you've got to do this in a one package, and there was a republican senator, senator simpson from wyoming, as you may recall, was the lead senator on this, when we passed comprehensive immigration reform, since the 1980's, and you can pass a complicated bill. you can't pass immigration piece by piece, it just doesn't happen. >> rick: go ahead, brad. >> i happen to think it's a good start the republicans understand there's a need and we have a problem. we right now have over 50,000 visas away when they want to come here and should give away 50,000 visas for people america need here. a difference between wanting to come h
, bloomberg or romney says we can't go to dinner next week. they will still spend money. it's a matter of saying how doho we get people who are not at that level to have conditions where th can spend. melissa: in the 80s, they lower tax rates issue and revenues go up, and revenues, 1981 to 1988, from $599 billion to $909 # billion. i'm just saying if the problem's revenue and you want more money in treasury, there seems that's a period of time we did it ti defentively according to the math. >> that is true, but we also, you know, looked at the 60s and the 80s, look at the 2000s with the most recent tax cut regime. what did it to in the economic recovery, gave up the worst performance in onomic growthrfor and worst performae in job creation. melissa: i don't know if that's what caused it. >> you can see tax cuts are not necessarily the solutions in all circumstances. melissa: all right, christian, thanks for disagreeing with me. it was a lot of fun. i love when people disagree with me, but i told christian when he comes back, i'll be less civil, i promise. all right, up next, it just do
population is probably be 47% that rummy spoke about. -- romne abouty. -- romney spoke about. guest: i have a daughter who lives in fairbanks, alaska. my son-in-law is in the 101st airborne. she says, if it ever gets warm enough in alaska, you could walk around barefoot and oil would come up through your toes. we have an abundance of oil all over the united states. we need to develop our own resources and get out of the way of the oil industry and others. shale is a the new way to produce more energy. break away from the independent on foreign sources that may not always be friendly toward our country. 7 and $16 billion cuts in medicare -- $716 billion cuts in medicare -- mr. ryan came forth with a plan to save medicare. that was a step in the right direction to save medicare for future retirees. in medicare as we know it occurred with the passage of the affordable care act two years ago because of the huge cuts to medicare. the independent payment advisory board, 15 eurocrats will make decisions based on cost and cost alone. the-bureaucrats -- bureaucrats who will make decisions on cost an
, pushed by romney in massachusetts that had this public option, which i had pushed, but, you know, alongside a competitive market exchange structure. and that really structured the debate. so, you know, we should be clear that the compromises that occurred were really within the democratic party in a certain sense. there was hope to get republicans onboard, but in the end, only one republican in the house that supported the legislation. they weren't able to get any senate republicans despite the fact they had adopted an approach that borrowed heavily from republicans. so that was the really crucial moment. and my own view about it is that, you know, the public option was essential to kind of keeping the debate focused overall on how consolidated the insurance industry had become about the need to contain costs, about the fact that medicare does a good job controlling costs and covers people. now, i got a lot of flak from both sides, i mean, this is -- and i don't consider that a sign of virtue. if both sides attack you, you must be in the right place. i understood why that was. bu
've got these two brothers, one of whom works for mitt romney. >> right. >> what in the world is thanksgiving dinner like around your table? >> we've had some bad ones. but we've had some -- >> can't talk about the iraq war. >> no, we can't talk about that. >> seriously. >> my mother hates it when i tell that story though. >> 2004, middle of the iraq war. >> it was just the boys weren't getting along. >> ian brzezinski, who worked for don rumsfeld, right under don rumsfeld. mark brzezinski, worked for bill clinton, and now is an ambassador in sweden, for barack obama, they got into a fight over thanksgiving dinner over the iraq war. it started in the dining room. >> it was heated. >> and ended up on the front line. >> it was very heated. you know how the boys are. >> like the kennedys with flag football? >> there was none of that. >> it was crazy. really. >> are you a really good guitar player? >> you know, some people say -- >> you've never heard that? >> i'm not actually -- yeah, write that down. i'm not actually a good guitar player, but i play guitar, piano. i'm a generali
, but how the u.s.s. mitt romney as a confidence man? >> i don't know. i heard connolly's the rice talks several weeks ago. i don't have it in me. he was airing the go to. i was tearing the shoot myself. so there are these people in our evolved system they spend their whole life doing press. we get one who also has the capacity to be a public servant. as milton friedman said, we just don't have the time to the bone up on the people trying to rob us. a subsidy for this and that. because we think about it for ten seconds a year, and they think about it all day every day this only one thing we can do. cut taxes. you know. who knows if they are a confidence man. i don't know. i grew up and was born on the shot -- south side of chicago. i see everything through that. of course they are. >> we have a question. >> reopening a revival with al pacino playing a different role. your great striking players are rather cynical. no great problem there. interestingly, nothing to do with his political message. but as a great artist, to you see yourself evolving in some way you articulate in your politics
are doing things at the national level to reduce the education disparity. obamacare started with mitt romney. it was romneycare before and giving access to health insurance is one of the most important things we consume in this nation to level the disparities in health and the disparities created by lack of access to health insurance. so we have bipartisan support for two of the most important things that are going to level us. the things we don't do is think about where do we help the most people the fastest, thinking about per capita returns on investment and our biggest weakness as a nation is community colleges, it skill gaps that we have left open. left wide open between the industries we are holding on to as we compete globally and how well we have done educating the people to take their place in the economy and i would hope whatever agenda comes forward we have an agenda that is deeply focused on adult learning, adult education, community college and finding more ways for people to constructively entered the economy. >> i would concur with many of those points. i am grateful i live in
because of massachusetts. asked governor romney. same problem. even ohio. for the country, it is not quite settled on this issue. it would be smart for the court -- it' s dumb or doma. the title of an article. doma is a profoundly stupid statute and it creates lots of dysfunctions and problems and headaches just to administer. it was passed in an hysterical fit. those are not constitutional arguments. the problem for justice ginsburg and justice kennedy is take that intuition and then somehow [unintelligible] it. rohmer can be read for almost anything or nothing, depending on what you want to do with it. that is what i think the boston university opinion is such a good one. it is highly respectful of all the stuff the supreme court is interested in. its route itself and all these great supreme court decisions. -- it shrouds itself in all these great supreme court decisions. the mayor going to strike it down because we think -- the best thing that has ever been written by supreme court justice is justice thurgood marshall's opinion in the rodriguez. 1973 or thereabout, the school funding ca
campaign. mitt romney saying you won't see any sunlight. >> a remarkable relationship between one of the nations that have the smallest majority in israel it's a mystical relationship when you think of how much support we have showered on israel and how much support we get back. it's due to the fact that this is not just jewish support. we are only 2 percent of the population. it's because we have shared values, shared enemies, and islamic terrorism. many people in the united states of view israel as the holy land, not just jews, but not use as well. it is a quite remarkable thing and a time when there is so much polarization between republicans and democrats. it is one of the few foreign policy issues that actually unite democrats and republicans. >> the future. is your book title provocative in any way? >> people who have survived calamities for 3,000 years in the fact excepts success and integration. how do you react to that? is optimistic, but realistic. it looks at the demographics of israel and asks whether to -- the king control them against their will. dealers said low bir
. whether that's on investment tax , camping deductions. basically what mitt romney was proposing. get that done. then say what you going to do? you going to still be left if you roll all of that up. you will still be left with a huge deficit. it's going to have to mean cutting the federal budget. >> even if we increase the tax rate he top 1 percent in th country makes seven timbers of the income. 37 percent of the taxes. so a fair share argument really is it -- lou: you're getting a again start out here. your last shot. >>r. president, please, please work with the business community. we want you to succeed, but you're putting impedimets in our way and make impossible. we want you ♪ lou: well, the president wants to raise taxes by over one half trillion. that is his opening gambit, initial bargaining position on the fiscal cliff. he wants to do that over the next decade. this is the kind of math i like. that works out to 160 million per year in taxes. republicans howling about it, but are they wrong to be so upset? let's take a look of some members. earlier this year the prident unve
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